snapshots of mexico, literal and figurative

August 16, 2010, 6:22 pm
Filed under: Short

Mexico’s double celebration of 2010–200 years since independence, 100 years since the Mexican Revolution–has been going on all year, but the real culmination of the festivities is coming up in a month, when the traditional shout of “Viva Mexico!” will commemorate Father Hidalgo’s call to arms to drive the Spanish from the country.  It’s been a moment the country has spent the past several years preparing for; giant clocks installed in many of the country’s main plazas have been counting down the seconds since early 2009, numerous plazas and historical buildings have been repaired and touched up (occasionally disrupting several of my trips through the country), and signs with the official 200/100/2010 logo have been all over since I was still living in DF.

I haven’t seen much (if any) coverage of the celebration in the American media, though I have a feeling a few mentions of it will start to pop up as Mexican Independence Day approaches.  I’d love to be down there myself for the experience, but I guess Chicago’s Pilsen or La Villita will work.


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