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Nominate My Photo of the Year!
May 13, 2009, 10:00 am
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It’s almost time for me to head back to Chicago, and I haven’t had any new quality pictures in a while (thanks to my own camera-forgetting stupidity), so I think the moment to begin searching for my photo of the year has arrived.  I’ll give it a week for nominations, then put up a poll to vote for my Photo of the Year.

The Rules:

1)  Must be on the blog

2)  Must be taken by me (ie nothing tagged “other people’s photos”)

3)  Must be a photo, ie no videos

4)  Must be from 2008-2009  (older photos are generally labelled)

Most of the good photos start at about March 15th, ie before I left my camera in Chicago.  Here’s a few of my favorites to get things going, though any others are also welcome.  Leave any nominations in the comments!

Traveling to Janitzio

Morelia Fireworks

Graffiti in Xochimilco

Arches in the National Palace

Mexico City Park

Basilica at Christmas

Pan de Muerto

EDIT (5/20):  Nominations noted, now vote!


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morelia fireworks or pan de muerto!

Comment by steph wai

Fireworks are probably my favorite artistic photo but I like the ‘Nativity Joe’ posted on 12/19/08 most.

Comment by BP

you have too many. the one i like best is of some tacos, but you didn’t take it!
so i’m voting for the other island photo (Janitzio)

Comment by aislinn

I like Fireworks but the top of the building is cropped!

Arches is really good, but I especially like the framing of Mexico City park

Comment by Mike

i’m with aislinn, janitzio rules

Comment by katie

morelia fireworks all the way

Comment by Brett

your zacatecas piks that you posted suck. so i’ll go with zacatecas.

Comment by Gringo Ninja

i meant janitzio…oh boy, i need some more coffee

Comment by Gringo Ninja

I like the Graffiti one. The colors stand out a lot — the yellow framing the blue. The pedestrian walking gives it an intimate feeling. And the row of flowers in front — you can’t get any artsier than this one.

Comment by Annie


Comment by Kari

[…] May 20, 2009, 10:00 am Filed under: Short | Tags: Photo of the Year The Nominees (see nominations for […]

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