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Today in Swine Flu, via quotes
April 29, 2009, 9:10 am
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First US death:

“‘This is obviously a serious situation, serious enough to take the utmost precautions,’ Mr. Obama said” – NYT

Flu reaches Chicago?

“A probable case of swine flu has prompted the closing of a North Side elementary school for at least two days” – Chicago Tribune

First identified case, a 5 year old in Veracruz, but still no closer to finding the source:

“I was very bad” – Edgar Hernandez, NYT

“We have more questions than answers,” – Dr Miguel Angel Lozana, Chicago Tribune

Knee Jerk Reaction of the Day:

“Egypt, for its part, began a mass slaughter of all 300,000 pigs in the country in an effort to fight swine flu – although no cases have been reported in the country.” – BBC

Best summary of atmosphere in Mexico City in a single quote:

“‘The customers are scared stupid – they don’t want to go out,’ said hairdresser Esther Gonzalez” – BBC


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i told you i should worry about that bitch who coughed on me!

Comment by aislinnmcintyre

Last year 42,652 people died in car accidents in the USA alone. That is 116 people per day. There aren’t even 116 confirmed cases of Swine Flu in the US let alone deaths. The US media are fear mongers that need to refocus their efforts.

Comment by BP

Correction, 2006 statistic there.
102 per day die in car accidents. You still get my point.

Comment by BP

The difference, BP, is that people who get in car accidents don’t infect one another! Mexico City is huge, with some twenty million people, so we don’t need to worry about the some 2000 infections so far, right? Think again — if each infected person infects only ONE person more (and in many cases it will be more than one person), we quickly find ourselves with more than 10% of the population sick and in a scary situation.

Comment by eh

The media has to sensationalize something and this is the flavor of the week. It is unfortunate people are getting sick but this coverage is excessive.
If the car accident numbers don’t do it for you, how about an infectious disease parallel, lets look at AIDS in the US in 2007–37,041 new diagnosed cases. An average of 101 people were diagnosed with AIDS each day. I’ll start to worry about the swine flu when the numbers start reaching the AIDS numbers in the US.

For now, I’ll keep washing my hands to avoid the spread of any flu virus. If I catch the flu, I’ll rest, drink lots of fluids, avoid contact with others, and go to the doctor if things don’t get better. Also, I won’t bother watching the news until they can sensationalize the next stupid thing a celebrity does and this will all be forgotten.

AIDS stats:

Comment by BP

What the heck! how can you say that this isn’t a big deal? people are dead from a flu, and it’s going to spread. AID’s you decide to get for the most part, so comparing the two it absoulotley rediculous.

Comment by Blawo

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