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Another Day of Swine Flu-mania
April 28, 2009, 10:47 am
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Once this is over, can I get a t-shirt that says “I survived Swine Flu!  DF 2009”?

I enjoyed getting Northwestern’s public health program email about swine flu today.  Funny to read about ‘taking precautions’ where you are actually in the center of the outbreak rather than hundreds of miles from the nearest identified case.

Comedy Central’s take on Swine Flu

Got quoted (along with Mari) in the suburban Daily Herald today.  They decided saying that I live in Chicago wasn’t acceptable (it’s the suburban paper…) so they stretched and pretended Rockford was suburban Chicago.

Having a “survivor’s meeting” tonight, i.e. planning to have a beer on the roof with some friends.  DF buddies, feel free to join.

Source of the Swine Flu identified!

Bad news:  It’s spread too much to be contained!  CDC is recommending against unnecessary travel.  Nobody is really that sure what is really going on with the number of cases in Mexico.

Good news:  It’s way less dangerous than bird flu.  WHO is still cool with Mexico travel.  You can still eat bacon.


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