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I’m not Dying from Swine Flu
April 25, 2009, 1:13 pm
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As you’ve likely seen on various news sources, an unusual form of swine flu has broken out in Mexico City and has killed around 60 people to date.  While the public health education in me says this is a big deal, the practical numbers side of me says that in a city of 20+ million people, in a country of 100+ million people, more people died in car crashes during the same time frame.  In any case, the city is cancelling school and events and half the people on the street are wearing hospital masks, hoping to cut off the virus’s spread.

So far, the only effect the flu outbreak has had on me is preventing me (and all other fans) from going to the Pumas-Chivas soccer game on Sunday afternoon.  Instead, we’ll all just have to find somewhere with a good TV to watch the game.

GOYA!  GOYA!  Cachucachu rah rah! Cachucachu rah rah!  GOYA!  Universidad!


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