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Atotonilco el Alto
April 17, 2009, 10:36 am
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Small town, Big church

Small town, Big church

We unintentionally spent an afternoon in the town of Atotonilco el Alto, another tequila town.  I say unintentional because we had only planned on grabbing lunch and connecting to another bus.  The other bus, it turned out, had decided not to run because of Holy Week, leaving us with a bit more time than we had planned for.  While waiting for another bus (which also didn’t come), we wandered into what I can only describe as the ultimate Mexican bar.  Swinging doors?  Check.  Dudes in cowboy hats openly gambling on the bar?  Check.  Bull horns on the wall?  Check.  No women anywhere?  Definite check.  Pretty great experience, even if everything momentarily screeched to a halt when I walked in.

Eventually, we ended up splitting a cab to our next destination with a woman who had also been stranded by the non-existent bus.


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Hmmm… Was Antonio Banderas playing guitar on the counter?

Comment by François

a spaniard??? no way. just some vincente fernandez on a scratchy radio, way more mexican

Comment by caleyelguero

Do you remember the name of the bar? I happen to be from this little town and find it interesting
that you were actually there.

Comment by Maria

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