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April 16, 2009, 11:10 am
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Where your Cuervo comes from

Where your Cuervo comes from

Northwest of Guadalajara lies Tequila, a small town whose name is famous worldwide thanks to the distilled spirit the it has been producing for hundreds of years.  The town is surrounded by fields of maguey (blue agave)–the spikey plant used to make the town’s primary export–and highways lined with liquor shops trying to sell the town’s product to motorists passing through.  Odd buses shaped like giant barrels and bottles ply the streets shuttling tourists between distilleries.  A museum dedicated to the making of tequila sits just off the main square downtown.

It was a hot day when we were there, however, so we settled on spending our time in Tequila drinking a couple of margaritas and visiting a waterpark.  Now, to be clear, we didn’t intend to visit the waterpark.  We had been approached by a tour guide who tried to sell us on a trip to a waterfall in the canyon outside of town, but the bartender we asked said the waterfall was easily reached by taxi or bus for far cheaper.  The bartender, unfortunately, seemed to be confused on what waterfall we had planned to see, as following his directions led us to a water park partway down the canyon (where the above picture was taken).  While there was a manmade “waterfall” at the park, it was definitely not what we were looking for.  As we waited for the bus to return to the town, we were told that the real waterfall was a 45 minute trek further down the canyon.  Lesson learned:  never trust a liquor-country bartender’s tourism advice  if he needs you to explain how to make your drink (especially when it’s something as simple as a bandera).


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It gets confusing when you start dropping your capital “T”‘s 🙂

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