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Giant Hand Jesus
April 14, 2009, 9:47 am
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Overlooking Jamay and Lake Chapala

Overlooking Jamay and Lake Chapala

On one of the hills overlooking Jamay, there is a church, a plaza, and a large Jesus statue.  While it’s hard to appreciate in this picture, the statue’s most striking feature is its grossly oversized blessing hand.  The story I was told was that the statue’s original hand was damaged and fell off, so a local businessman paid to have the replacement made and installed.  Whether the size discrepancy was due to the businessman’s desire to inflate his contribution or just poorly measured sculpting on the artist’s part, the statue now sports a cartoon-like hand larger than its head.  Having said that, the view from the plaza over the town and the lake is amazing.

A few other Jamay highlights:  Delicious fish, climbing through a mango field to a supposedly haunted cave, the traditional Sunday night walk-around-the-plaza (guys clockwise, girls counterclockwise), the massive blue and white monument to Pope Pio IX (my picture sadly didn’t turn out), and of course, a lot of tacos.


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