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Los Tacos de Jalisco
April 6, 2009, 12:45 pm
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Current count:  66 tacos

I’m back on pace to my goal of 100 tacos by the end of the week–34 tacos in the last two days leaves me two-thirds of the way to my goal despite losing a day to stomach issues.  I’ve taken the challenge to the beautiful state of Jalisco, where I’m currently in Jamay, a small town on Lake Chapala with fellow Fulbrighter Mauricio (who happens to be related to half of Jamay’s population).  In the next few days we’ll head to Guadalajara, Los Altos de Jalisco, and of course, the magical town of Tequila (you can guess why it’s famous).

In not particularly related, but none-the-less positive news, I bought a $5 camera (completely with film and batteries) and should eventually have some photos again.  Hopefully I can get them developed and put on a CD as I have no idea what to do with actual prints anymore…

Villamelon – 4 tacos campechanos.  Large, salty campechanos with chicharron thrown in as well.  Busy pre-match taco shop gets a B+.  14 pesos per taco

Taco stand near Napoles Metrobus – 4 tacos campechanos.  My local taco dealer, and one of the best I’ve found.  7 pesos per taco.  A

Taco stand near Hospital San Vincente, Ocotlan, Jalisco – 5 tacos de birria for breakfast.  a little sloppy, but delicious.  4.50 per taco.  B

El Senador, Jamay, Jal. – 4 tacos de pescadilla, 3 de hueva.  Fantastic view of Lake Chapala and good use of its fish.  8/7 pesos.  B+

Taco stand, Jamay, Jal. – 8 tacos of some delicious marinated meat.  Not completely sure what it was, other than fantastic.  6 pesos per taco.  A

Taco stand, Jamay, Jalisco – 6 tacos al vapor; 3 picadillo, 2 papas, 1 chicharron.  Chicharron was the best of the bunch, unforuntately at it last.  3.50 per taco.  B-


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