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Back on the Taco Train
April 4, 2009, 1:22 pm
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Current count:  32 tacos

A day without tacos is a sad day, but yesterday, it was necessary to preserve my stomach for the rest of my quest.  Following my medical team’s advice (ie myself and a few emails from friends), I spent the day doing shots of Pepto-Bismol and avoiding heartburn-provoking foods (caffeine, spicy foods, greasy foods, alcohol… ie pretty much my diet in Mexico).  The day of eating nothing but rice and corn tortillas (and a couple beers that snuck in somehow) seems to have paid off, however, and I need to pick up the pace as I get back on the rails to taco town.

3:30 PM it’s off to Villamelon, a highly recommended taco shop near Estadio Azul, where I’ll be taking in a futbol match later in the evening.  UUUU NI VERRR SI DAAAAD!

Taco-ing at Los Arbolitos, San Angel

Taco-ing at Los Arbolitos, San Angel


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the guy in the background looks like he wants in on your taco challenge

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