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Speed bump or road block?
April 3, 2009, 10:19 am
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Current count: 32 tacos

After six tacos de tripa and two campechanos last night–all excellent tacos–I found myself slightly ahead of the 100 taco pace and feeling pretty good about my prospects of completing taco week.  At 5 AM this morning, I was no longer so confident.

I tend to have a stomach of steel–typical street taco worries like food poisoning, Montezuma’s revenge, etc. generally don’t have much effect on me.  As I searched desperately and to  no avail for some sort of antacid in the early morning, however, I began to weigh the glory of tacos against the excessive stomach acid which felt like it was burning through everything between my esophagus to my ileum.

I’ll be heading directly to Farmacia San Borja once I leave the house this morning for a PPI, some pepto-bismol, and possibly some Tums (yes, it was so bad last night that I feel the need to self-medicate 3 times over…).  After that, if my stomach is willing, I’ll consider crossing the street for a breakfast… of tacos.

Taco stand, Insurgentes Sur near the Jose Velasco Metrobus – 6 pesos/taco; solid tacos, generous with the meat, was ready to give them a full A until my heartburn/ulcer/autodigestion debacle.  Instead, they get an incomplete until I figure out if they are directly to blame for the pain.


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Dude, don’t die! Like basketball on our campus has!

Comment by Murtaza Akhter

Everything in moderation mon cherie. It’s a taco marathon not a taco 10K…pace yourself! :-*

Comment by Annie

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