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Zacatecas, first impressions
January 13, 2009, 5:18 pm
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Beautiful city, incredibly well maintained, shockingly quiet.  More “traditional”, conservative feel than other towns.  Feels both like a European city yet incredibly, overwhelmingly Mexican at the same time, as contradictory as that is.  More than anything, though, it is the almost haunting quietness that sticks with me the most–very little of the blaring music, yelling vendors, honking horns, and general din that has been a quintessential part of every other town I have visited in Mexico.

Welcome to Zacatecas.  Shhhhhhh

Welcome to Zacatecas. Shhhhhhh


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My goodness What a great and insightful description about Zacatecas. I am Mexican, from Jalisco, living In Ca. USA for the past 25 years, my hobby to travel in Europe, Latin America and mostly Mexico, whenever I can I stop by Zacatecas, What you describe here that is exactly what I think about Zacatecas. a great observation.

Comment by Francisco

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